The cost of a funeral is completely dependent on what you would like but to give some guidance:-

For a traditional funeral with a cortege and an attended service

Professional Charges

Taking instruction for the funeral, supplying an oak veneered polished coffin, complete with name plate, fittings and satin shroud or linings. Removal of the deceased to our chapel (within 10 miles) in normal working hours. Provision of a hearse. Inclusive of our professional services, care of the deceased, use of our chapel of rest including visits, supervision and attendance to mourners, collection and conveyance of documentation relevant to the funeral.




In addition to our professional charges there are disbursements payable to third parties depending on whether the option of a cremation or burial are required and the cost of the vicar/ celebrant

A cremation within the Bradford crematoriums at usual times with attendance


Doctors fees for cremation


Celebrant from 



£2873.00 including disbursements

There are additional cost if for example a church service is required, a limousine, a wicker coffin, flowers, a notice in the paper, service sheets, an organist, funeral tea etc and we will advise you of all additional costs and provide a written estimate.


Please be advised that a burial will cost significantly more if a grave needs to be purchased. 

For a cremation without a service

Not everyone wants to attend a crematorium or a family may choose to have a  separate celebration of the life of the person who has died that they will organise themselves.


We can take the deceased into our care, (within a ten mile radius) in normal working hours. Make arrangements with the family in our office, in normal working hours, provide a simple coffin suitable for cremation and an unattended cremation 

£1650.00 including disbursements


The above are just two examples to give an indication of our pricing but everyone has different thoughts and we are here to help organise a funeral which is right for your loved one.


We will provide an estimate at the time of organising the funeral so that you fully aware of the costs involved.


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