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Our Services


At Time of Need


At Albert Pratt Funeral Directors we aim to assist with all the arrangements to help you following the death of a loved one.


It can be difficult to know what to do or where to start and that is where we can help, once you contact us we can guide you through the process from registering the death to personalising the funeral service.  We will act on your behalf to make all the necessary arrangements to ensure that the day of the funeral service reflects your wishes and runs smoothly.




Planning ahead


Some people like to sort out their own arrangements to give themselves or their families peace of mind that it is all taken care of and this can either be by considering the different types of funeral available and recording their wishes or even by the      prepayment of their chosen funeral arrangements and we are able to help to discuss the options. We offer prepayment plans by Golden Charter.






We can help advise on the different ways of providing a lasting memorial in memory of a loved one, from the more traditional means of a headstone, to planting a tree or providing a commemorative wooden seat.

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