Our terms and Conditions

We will provide a written estimate for your signature which sets out the following:

Professional Service

These include all arrangements in connection with the funeral, assistance in all matters relating to the funeral, attendance and services of staff, attending to all documents, care of the deceased including hygienic treatment of the deceased if required, use of Chapel of Rest and provision of hearse.

Payment of Account

The applicant for the funeral arrangements is responsible for ensuring the the funeral is paid. In the case of DWP payments, if your application is turned down or the giro's do not meet the full balance, the remainder is payable by the applicant.


The account is due on receipt of invoice.

The estimate is a clear outline of what the funeral is likely to cost but is not the final account.

Any bank charges incurred will be passed onto the client e.g. stopped or uncleared cheques.

You agree to pay us any other expenses and legal costs incurred by us whilst trying to recover or secure payment from you (this may include tracing costs, Debt Collectors and Solicitors)

If you face difficulties please talk to us immediately to arrange an alternative method of payment.

Viewing Arrangements

Viewing are by appointment only.

Cremated remains

Remains that are collected from the crematorium on your behalf will be held for six months free of charge. Ashes will be held for a maximum of twelve months before returning to the crematorium for scattering.